04 December 2018 #1011680

Package Shipped To Wrong Address With DHL Express

This happened to me twice in a row. Although my address is correct, DHL Express Turkey somehow can send my packages to wrong address event to a wrong city.

My first package was shipped on 7 September From Amazon.com with DHL. This was the first time I encounter a shipping problem with Amazon. DHL send my package to a different city than my address and when I called the customer support, they told me there wasn't any problem. After I contacted with Amazon, they admitted there is indeed a problem and will fix it. They also hold my package for a week before they ship it to a wrong city, so my package delivered to me two weeks late. Today I had a package From Aliexpress shipped with DHL.

From my experience, I called and warned DHL Express Turkey for at least seven times, and they told me not to worry everything's in order. When the package went to customs clearance, they called me a few times for the customs fee. But After I pay them the fee, there wasn't any feedback to me. They didn't even tell me how and when they will send the package to my address. Also, my tracking number was not updated After the clearance. After I spend hours on the phone with DHL customer support, I get the new tracking information. Guess what it was in the wrong city to a wrong delivery. I called back the DHL customer support and told them I got the confirmation that the package is in the wrong city. they denied it and told me to wait it will be delivered on my address today. They didn't event controlled it if there is a mistake.

This was the 2nd time, and they are making a fool of me. DHL Express Turkey has the worst customer support if you are ever going to order something never use DHL as your shipping company.

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