12 November 2018 #1004237

EToro Not Credited To My Account

EToro is the worst cryptocurrency trading and exchange platform I have used so far.

I wired my money and transferred it to eToro last month. The whole amount was deducted to my bank account but it was not credited to my eToro account. I opened a ticket and waited for Etoro's customer support team response for almost 1 week. One week after they responded they told me that my transfer would take up to 10 days.

After ten days, I keep on following up in the next two weeks. I posted my question on their facebook page, but they blocked me. I posted my questions on eToro Facebook they blocked me from Facebook.

I was able to contact their office number, but they said that they couldn't do anything to send a ticket and wait. So until now, I have been waiting.

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