02 November 2018 #1004566

Etoro Ripping People Off

After trading on Etoro for a little while I have made a withdrawal and very surprised to receive much less than the declared withdrawal amount as their last transaction for the remaining amount canceled. The funds showed up on my etoro account and surprisingly gone out again the same day with no reason at all. I called my bank to ask and they say their payment has been cancelled. I opened a ticket explaining the issue and they got back to me with a generic response with how I can withdraw money from my account..

Based on the customer support response, they didn't even take the effort to read my query. Then I sent them a message again, and all they told was their accountant team is working on it, now this was a month ago, and I still haven't got my money back or a decent response from them!!

I understand they have a high volume of customers to deal with, but they should also understand that the money we put in is also important to us which they can't just brush off every complaint they get to accommodate newly registered clients. And if it takes a whole month to review someone's problem, then you are doing something very wrong and need to hire more people!!

They don't have a phone number to call, their live chat is down, and they don't respond to my messages again, I am starting to think what many others are stating everywhere that Etoro is ripping people off big time.

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