06 November 2018 #1004232

Funds Did Not Reach My Bank From Etoro

I recently requested for withdrawal from my eToro account and the administrator sent me an email saying that the transaction successfully made with the confirmation from eToro customer service.

However, It has been a month but the funds did not reach my bank account. I emailed eToro customer support to ask for help trace this missing funds. I called my bank to check and they told me that there was no remittence in-coming. They advised me to ask eToro so they can help trace the funds while eToro just kept asking for my latest bank transaction history over and over again ignoring my request to give me details about the transfer.

I'm beginning to wonder whether the transaction was even made at all because the confirmation mail was after all generated from their server and there is no 3rd party bank confirmation or whatsoever. I sent over my bank transaction history to etoro and still got no response. I need help.

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