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eToro is a major scam don't deposit your cash on eToro or make any trading by using their platform; be more smarter than me. I put US 700 in eToro in September of this year. Then, the following three days their system locked my account saying I should verify my account …

27 October 2018

I started trading and exchanging using eToro website at the beginning of January 2018. I transferred some money to invest in bitcoin, after a while I started getting notifications stating that my account needs to verify before the deposit reflects on the account or wall…

20 October 2018

Based on what I experienced with the eToro cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform, there is something a bit wrong with their platform. I can tell because I also have other accounts with different crypto platforms. I did what the normal thing when signing up follow…

16 October 2018

I invested with eToro so that I can spread some of my investment to other exchanges. My problems are not just one but a lot when it comes to eToro's platform and process. EToro's platform goes down at times whe…

15 October 2018

I made some withdrawal transaction from eToro platform last month, and I have been waiting for more than a month now to receive the payout. I mentioned this issue to my account manager, and after a few days, I have received an email from eToro customer service informing…

14 October 2018

I registered the website last week, and the customer support verified my account the usual way requesting for what other companies are requesting like ID and bank statement. I deposited my first funds to them, and they immediately emailed me for more information and mor…

13 October 2018

When there's a tad of unpredictability or a touch of delayed upwards development, they " lose" market, as a result impairing exchanging by not enabling you to open exchange, and have your exchange shut appearing as pending. I'm up 5% on this exchange, however then absur…

10 October 2018

EToro customer service or support whatever, they never responded to any of my messages nor e-mails. I lost all my trust with their company because it seems like they are keeping me in the dark not informing me of what is going on in my account and wallet. The fees are v…

05 October 2018

I attempted to transfer money via card and Etoro website froze two times. This resulted in two pre-authorizations on the card which debited, but the money never appeared in my Etoro account. With no way of reaching out with Etoro customer support other than a support ti…

23 September 2018

I received a notification today that my account disabled and closed. When I opened the notification from the customer support, it stated that "my account does not have enough real funds to maintain your open positions." If the real funds in your account reach $0, all yo…

22 September 2018


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