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I feel that Etoro is unethical in accepting your deposited funds and allowing you to open positions before your verification is complete. If any problems comes up with your verification like what happened to me…

18 September 2018

I had an account from eToro for cryptocurrency trading. This is my first time using this market platforms, and I think it will be my last time. Two weeks ago eToro limited the access to my account, and now all my money is in my wallet. I have been buying and selling som…

15 September 2018

I am confronting a few issues with Etoro cryptocurrency exchange platform and not content with the service in the first stage of registering and began my trade. My worry is I am not able to update my phone number and because of which my documents are not getting stacked…

07 September 2018

I purchased some bitcoins months ago, and now I have some coins in my Etoro account. When I checked my Etoro, I just saw that they closed my account without sending out any warning or notifications. I was shocked, and because of this, I lost a lot. Basically my everythi…

04 September 2018

I have a big issue with eToro online cryptocurrency exchange platform because I think I frauded by them. I invested all my cash; they took them very fast. Their deposit time is so fast but vice versa for withdrawal. When I tried to withdraw my money, eToro customer serv…

01 September 2018

Etoro is a big platform where you can invest your money to buy stocks. Also good for cryptocurrency investment. For example, you can buy stocks from Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, etc. Plus you can use your investment for cryptocurrencies too like Bitcoin and ETH. I…

28 August 2018


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