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I have a page for almost ten years at Facebook, and somebody stole it! When I asked help from the Facebook, they don't even care. I sent them a request, and they are just protecting the hackers stealers! This i…

30 January 2019

I have been using Facebook for about ten years, and my account is the same since then. I never had any problem with my account or Facebook in general; however, recently they started to do additional security checks. Yesterday, my account was closed by Facebook without a…

04 November 2018

I paid to Facebook for ads. Facebook never shared my ads. So I wanted my money back and refund from Facebook. The customer service said, "after carefully checking, we have decided that we can not do anything else with this topic. "! I am scared and anxious about what th…

19 October 2018

I have uploaded photos of scammers that request for wire of money or simply wants to collect the data. Facebook is run by organized crime syndicates from mostly Japan or Sweden, and they were not letting me post that I see as right. users will no longer trust the securi…

25 September 2018

My Facebook account steal by a person who is I do not know 2-3 months ago. The e-mail address to which the account is linked has also been changed. Even though I did all the necessary operations to recover my account, the reset passwords e-mail sent by Facebook were not…

01 September 2018


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