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I've been waiting in the Norwalk FedEx now for 16 minutes for service only one person has been here. When the representative named Elued returned even though I had been waiting patiently, he was completely indi…

09 January 2019

I just moved from Turkey to Montenegro, and I need an international cargo carrying to move my stuff over there. So, for transportation of my home stuff Turkey to Montenegro, I deal with WHT Nakliyat international movers, and I paid all money cash. On August 11, 2018, th…

03 November 2018

I'm pretty disgusted with FedEx and have been waiting for a package a couple of weeks now. A critical package was four days late, and we only received it because we went to pick it up. Customer support claimed that they made multiple delivery attempts. However, I went t…

07 September 2018


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