Financial Services Complaints

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Bright House Networks Logo

I do not know what has happened to Bright House Networks and I have been their customer for about two years. They used to be a great company being able to provide proper services to everyone. However, as their …

01 April 2019
CarMax Logo

I want to know why the people over at CarMax require such a large deposit from their customers because it does not make sense to me at all. They seemed to have wrecked my wishes of having a vehicle that would b…

01 April 2019
CareCredit Logo

I do not know why CareCredit has not been reporting my payments, and I do not know why no matter how much I pay them, nothing is happening. My dog needed immediate surgery, and my card was declined. I called th…

01 April 2019
Cenlar Logo

I really think that the folks over at Cenlar really need to get their billing together because I am not too happy with the way they have been billing me as of late and I think that they should do something abou…

19 March 2019
ASC Warranty Logo

I think that ASC Warranty is one of the worst warranties that you can find out in the market and I think that something should be done about them at the soonest possible time if you were to ask me. I do not app…

09 March 2019

I seriously think that the management of OCWEN should run a tighter ship because dealing with them has been ultimately stressful if you were to ask me. I am so annoyed because they seem to be flip-flopping on t…

09 March 2019
PNC Financial Services Group Logo

So I stepped into one of their branches today since I had to put in some money and let me tell you, their employees are the worst. Unfortunately for them, many others are with me on this. I approached one of th…

07 March 2019
Edward Jones Logo

On 11/13/18, we met with this certain Edward Jones Mac Wren and signed the forms to release $5,000. Mac told us he would send us a check in the coming days. On 11/18, we told him we hadn’t yet received the chec…

05 March 2019
Merrill Lynch Logo

On December 12, 2018, I had applied for a hardship to finance my mother's cremation. Her remains have been stored in the funeral home since December 11. There are deadlines, urgency, and despair when applying f…

26 February 2019
First Data Logo

I think that First Data should be put out of business if you were to ask me, the way that they have been treating people who decide to avail of their services is just absolutely horrible. I received one of thei…

26 February 2019


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