02 August 2018 #1001519

GDAX has no Customer Service

GDAX is a famous market for purchasing coins. It is ironic that GDAX has had a bad or no customer service so far and it’s not going any better.

I know since Bitcoin has become very popular lately GDAX gained tons of new customers. However, they did not focus on customer service or quality of it. That means that if you had any problem about your coins you have nothing to do and there is a risk of losing your money!

For that big platform that cannot be an excuse. How in the hell support can get back to a customer more than six days? And most of the cases we’re talking about automatic kind of responses!

Recently I could not make a withdrawal, but they marked it as done! Knowing that I won’t get a response, I still wrote to them four days ago and let’s see how long it is going to take them to get back to me this time GDAX.

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