31 August 2018 #1001827

GDAX Margin Call Made Me Lost 10k+

I will tell my story of losing 10 thousand dollars on GDAX while exchanging ETH. Also, how GDAX customer did not help me to solve it.

I genuinely can't trust this coin trading platform. Rather than making thousands, GDAX platform lost me my entire 10k+.

I had a programmed exchange to purchase 30 ETH at 293. (Margin exchanging on GDAX; Coinbase trading platform). When I returned to my computer and saw that my trade activated and afterward I got margin called the entire exchange because the cost of Ether dropped to under 30 dollars?!

This margin call liquidated my entire account to pay off the damage.
Furthermore, now the cost is more than 300? Are you joking me GDAX?
Did this happen to anyone? I do not know what to do about it.

When I contacted customer service, they did not solve my problem because I can choose a stopping point but I did not do that. So, they said it is my fault. This whole thing is happened because of their ridiculous margin call.

Be careful about this GDAX users.

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