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Despite reading multiple reviews about the warnings of this site, I just have to use it as the coin I wanted only exchanged on HitBTC. This is the only the good thing I can say. The one coin I wanted was on here. When I registered, I made my deposit, and it took me 3 ho…

27 September 2018

I'm attempting to remove my two-factor authentication from my account since I lost it. I have a ticket 35701 open for 11 days, and nothing happened. I already presented all the required documents and data to the customer service. Customer support doesn't react to your t…

06 September 2018

I was using HitBTC for months, and everything was fine until this time. I want to withdraw my money. However, I have been waiting for so long. Now I am not sure about getting my money back. I purchased some ETH to my HitBTC account, and I made a good profit from it. So …

01 September 2018

I decided to give a chance to HitBTC for coin purchasing. My friend recommended me to use that website. At first, I started with small amounts but it is like a gamble, and I want to gain more. So finally I had …

07 August 2018


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