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On December 16, I went to the Paris Ibis Hotel, but when I got there, I had a shock because my reservation was not seeing on the system. I checked with the hotel many times, and I show the confirmation e-mail from the Ibis hotel believed my reservation, but …

15 September

I've tried to make a booking through's application in Turkey on March 13, 2018. During the last step of the reservation, which is payment, I've entered in the payment info, and the app took me to an empty page. I went back and tried it again, and the same thi…

06 September

With 150908341092 confirmation number, we booked a room from 19 August to 20 August at the Hotel Palacio De Los Navas Granada. While we were booking the room, the website is showing breakfast for free. However,…

05 September

We made a reservation with La Paloma Hotel on the date of 08.19.2018 via However, when we arrived at the hotel, they told us that there was a mistake in the room reservation. Hotel staff said she could not see the reservation and there is no available room r…

20 August gets to benefit from exchange rate differences, and it cost much. Turkey is experiencing a massive economic crisis and its money losing value. Because of the is reliable, I did make reserv…

15 August

I sign up for to make a hotel reservation. After I made the reservations, I didn't pay the money yet. When I first signed up, I entered my credit card information, and instantly charged me…

10 August

I am not satisfied with customer service and their policies. I feel like they did not even consider my complaints. I have been booking with their platform for such a long time, and I have found that …

10 August

For my summer vacation, I booked a room from and made a reservation. However, due to my business works, I need to cancel my vacation. So, I had to cancel my reservation. I called the hotel, and they …

10 August

I was looking for great deals and hotel packages for my summer trip. I found that have great deals with reasonable prices. I have reserved a room for 15th June from After my reservation, …

07 August


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