27 July 2018 #1009374

HSBC is Not Updating My Contact Info

HSBC is not updating my phone number. I can’t use the number registered in your bank since I’m out of the country.

Therefore I cannot use the internet branch. Also, I cannot receive the statements I used to receive via email.

I called the support line last month, and they said all my info is updated but it's not! Then I called the branch and this time they wanted me to send a fax! And I did that too. The same day a gentleman from that branch called and said: "We will be updated your number within 5 minutes" yesterday and still nothing!

It cost me the fortune to call the bank from abroad, so I don’t want to call anymore…

Michael W. Michael W. 17.147 Views


  • Michael W.'s 'Thank You' Message01 June 2018

    My phone number is updated and I can use the internet branch now. Thanks for solving my problem :)

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