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Because of a virus or bug in the Instagram application, the Instagram crashed Note 8 the screen of my phone. Ghosts appear on the screen as Instagram buttons. How many times did I turn the phone on and off even I even deleted the Instagram application, but it still has …

27 January 2019

I had a disappointing experience with @Sporiumcom which is an Instagram shop that sells sneakers. I had a horrible experience with @Sporiumcom, I ordered a pair of shoes, they sent me a wrong model, and they don't even answer me when they try to contact them! It was a v…

24 January 2019

I had a horrible experience with @Nikeolltr. This store is an online store on Instagram with a lot of customers. I ordered a pair of shoes; they sent me the wrong size The worse is when I try to communicate with the customer service or the number they provide, they don'…

20 January 2019

Instagram continually update its features however those new features do not appear on my personal Instagram account. When I log into my Instagram with my own account, I can not use or see new features even though I updated the both my phone and the Instagram app. When I…

16 January 2019

Three days ago my Instagram account was closed by Instagram without any reason or notification. Probably somebody reported me or something like that, but I never received information about it. After that, I searched for a solution, and meanwhile, I also sent email to In…

30 October 2018

I made an order from an Instagram account called "Nişantasi_shoes," and they confirmed the payment. They said that it would arrive in 10 days. Even though they said it would be arriving in 10 days, it did arriv…

25 September 2018

My Instagram account does not have Instagram features and preventing me use Instagram. I am a social media lover and spend hours on Instagram. However, lately, I could not use the features of Instagram like emoji slider, poll, and filters. That is why I could not use In…

27 August 2018

I created an Instagram account a few weeks ago. It was a place where women (or men) could go and send posts about people who sexually harass them on the internet, and I would post for them. (the idea came to me…

05 August 2018


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