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After having some problems, I gave my iPhone 7 Plus to Apple tech support/service for repair, and they decided to change with a new device. After 1.5 months I changed my device, I had problems with the device a…

30 January 2019

I was having trouble charging my iPhone phone with the warranty. I took it to the iPhone service in Apple store and explained the problem of the phone. After a while, the tech support called me and told me that they couldn't repair the phone because they had a crack in …

26 January 2019

Firstly I'm very sorry I get employees of a firm like Apple to get their customer satisfaction tthey've never seen such nasty rascal without interest. I'm in this sector and continue as a manager. The employees are all nonsense and go where you complain about such nonse…

27 December 2018

Starting from the first day of purchasing iPhone 7, I have to deal with some problems. For example color errors on the screen. So I went to their store to fix my phone. However, the technical support also the customer service told me that they could not repair the phone…

28 September 2018

I have used many smartphones before. I bought for all my family and me like, Sony, Samsung, and Huawei brand smartphones. Now I want to give a chance to Apple, and I got 128 GB of iPhone 7 for the first time. I am using for six months. Last week I put the phone on the s…

05 September 2018

I bought iPhone X during the Christmas sale. There is this bring your old one and get 300 dollars off from a new one. However, after 5-6 months the screen started to work not correctly. I went to the Apple Store to see the iPhone service. They took my phone for repair, …

15 August 2018


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