07 September 2018 #1008165

Kitchen Conservatory Classes Poor Customer Service

I signed up for a cooking class for two people at $60/person back in January for $120.00 total. I received a receipt of payment but no notifications about the class beginning and schedule from that date. Basically, anything about the class except for the payment confirmation.

When I looked to remind myself when the class was, it turns out it was one week prior. When I called customer service, I asked them why they did not send and see if I could reschedule a new time or class. If I can not do anything, I want full refund and money back. Surprisingly customer service representative was rudely told that there was absolutely nothing that could be done.

Most companies would have offered something or at least cared to know if there was a personal situation in which there was that possibly interfered with the class date. There was no problem taking my money, but a big problem with customer service!

I do not sign up for anything with these people.

Margaret G. Margaret G. 5.414 Views

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