16 September 2018 #1007803

Funds Disappeared From My Kraken Account!

I have invested 10,000 xrp in this platform thinking that I would somehow earn some coins and money from Kraken cryptocurrency exchange platform. However, what happened was completely different from what I planned and thought. Yesterday I have had the shock of life. I lost my everything in one day.

All my xrp went missing from my account yesterday. I thought it could be a website bug or little error. I refreshed the page many times, I used my phone to log in, but even though I do not want to believe, all my investment and coins are gone. I panicked and directly contacted customer support about it. However, I had the second shock. The last message I got from them is that they will look into the issue and then I got locked out from my account. They disabled my account.

Now I don't have my XRP, and I lost my whole money also the investment in one day. Plus I can't log in to my account. So stay away from Kraken!

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