04 September 2018 #1007793

Kraken Account Verification

I had this horrible experience with Kraken. I do not recommend this cryptocurrency platforms for trading, exchanges or anything about coins. I advise everyone to keep away from them.

I created my account with Kraken December last year, and I waited for their customer support to verify my account. Until now, I am still waiting for them to verify my account.

I have been reaching out to them sending at least four emails now, but nobody responds and willing to help me. I wanted to trade and buy cryptos, but I can't because my account is not verified yet. Also, I wont be able to do any transaction anytime soon, the prices will just keep on going high.

So due to all these issues, I don't recommend anyone to use Kraken to trade. Just use eToro or Coinbase, just stay away from Kraken.

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