10 October 2018 #1002886

Kraken Is Useless

Users and customers, please avoid using this cryptocurrency exchange trading and platform. The whole website itself and the exchange process are so frustrating.

First of all, the website super slow and poorly done. Adding orders and coins is difficult, you need a calculator. The whole process does not work smoothly, you have to try many times before order is taken.

Withdrawing does not work. I try to withdraw and get a message that I need to confirm via email. The first time they sent an email, but when I clicked the code was already expired. Tried a few times again, never got an email back.

I'll have to keep trying on that. When the crypto market crashed, Kraken crashed. The site was down for a couple of days forcing me to take a loss. Luckily, the amount I have there is small. The site is useless. You can not literally do anything about it.

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