23 September 2018 #1004574

Kraken Long Withdrawal Process

I have requested a withdrawal of my funds that are in my wallet with the domestic bank wire. The request was pending for a week now. So I ask why is it pending?

The next day I check my account and Kraken customer support responded back saying that the transfer is successful. 24 hours passed and no money returned. I ask them again, and they replied that they would get back with me. It has been 48 hours pass, so I sent a follow-up. They get back to me stating with the same generic reply that they'll get back to me again.

72 hours have passed and still no money. At this time I believe Kraken has stolen my money and I decided that I will never get it back. Domestic bank wire should only take 24 hours. 72 hours or more is too much.

Honest Joe Honest Joe 3.780 Views

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