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Comparing to other cryptocurrency platforms, I am really impressed with how their customer support responds. They are quite fast in dealing with any of the issues, and then you can reach them easily without wai…

21 October 2018

I started to using Kucoin for my cryptocurrency exchanges. I did my very first transaction last week. My first transaction is buying Ethereum from their exchange market. I got a lot of confirmations that it was saying that it was a successful transaction. However, but I…

10 September 2018

I know that it was my mistake for not taking a copy of the secret key for the two-factor authentication, but I have been trying to contact their support to ask for help. I have been trying my change to reach th…

04 September 2018

I want to withdraw money from my coin wallet. However, I need to verification and identification before I do the withdraw. Just today just I called customer service and talked with one of their help agent over …

31 August 2018


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