I have been using the Liqui platform for my cryptocurrency exchanges. The only issue that I am having and dealing with it that it has been a mystery for me why withdrawals are always the issue when dealing with…

12 November 2018

I had a terrible experience with using I am a trader for a long time, and the website is by far the worst cryptocurrency exchange. The two-factor authenticity code all of a sudden stopped working, and the customer service took a long time to respond t…

05 October 2018

I am a trader, and I love trading also crypto exchange so far until I encounter Liqui, this is by far the worst cryptocurrency exchange platform. First, the two factor authenticity code suddenly start not to work, and customer service or support takes a long time to res…

02 October 2018

I sent my litecoins to my wallet at Liqui. I did some exchanges and then wanted to withdraw my money from my account. However, Liqui gives me error messages everytime I try to do the withdrawal process. I do not understand why did happen. There is no explanation or any …

16 September 2018

Liqui is operating in a very shady manner. Their platform doesn't seem like a normal cryptocurrency exchange system but more like a controlled platform that can be triggered and affected by the exchange. I personally placed a request for Bitcoin, and I immediately got f…

06 September 2018

Liqui is never clear about the minimum deposit amount. They never provide me these details the moment I created the account. First, I checked the Liquid website before creating my account. I searched for fees, …

04 September 2018


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