06 September 2018 #1007804

Liqui High Fees

Liqui is operating in a very shady manner. Their platform doesn't seem like a normal cryptocurrency exchange system but more like a controlled platform that can be triggered and affected by the exchange.

I personally placed a request for Bitcoin, and I immediately got found another lower price BTC, so I placed an order for the lower one. The moment I remove the request, the low price BTC disappeared, and with all this process going on. You'll end up selling them at a low price even lower than what's in the market.

So I contacted customer service to learn what is going on. However, I did not get any response. I sent many e-mails and called them many times but again no response.

They were too good to be true at the beginning with all the fast customer service fast response and fast deposit transaction. So you know there's something wrong with it.

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