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Lufthansa Airlines Poor Service From Flight Attendant

I realize it's been a while, but back in April, I had flown from Germany to Boston. I had one carry on and requested assistance from the flight attendant since I had a shoulder injury and couldn't place it in the overhead bin.

To my dismay, the flight attendant says, in an impolite tone, that it isn't her job to help me and says I should ask one of my fellow passengers. This is the point where I tried storing my baggage myself; however, the flight steward had seen me struggling, so she ended up giving me a hand. For the remainder of the flight, she was discourteous and not just to me but other passengers as well.

Unfortunately, I did not catch the name of this lady who is tall with blonde hair. She had ruined my experience with Lufthansa since before such an incident; I was always pleased with their service. I would very much appreciate a response.

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