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I had to call Microsoft today and paid $49.00 in order to get my computer fixed. My computer is suddenly shut down, and I directly called the Microsoft service to fix my computer. The customer service told me that they are going to fix immediately and after an hour late…

02 January 2019

I had Microsoft comfort 5000 desktop keyboard and mouse set. However, shockingly my USB got broken while I am setting up the system. A new USB is not selling in Turkey. Also, I cannot reach a call center or cus…

22 December 2018

A few days ago while there is the Xbox Game Pass campaign, I bought a game for 30 days for one USD. However, on December 4, 2018, at 09:10 and 09:11 Microsoft store charged me 7 USD twice. In two different ways in a row, my card charged for 7 USD so in total 14 USD char…

20 December 2018

Although antivirus programmes including Microsoft Defender, I can't detect any virus. Moreover, a folder of 2 GB deleted without my control from my computer which also includes important documents. In the first month of my laptop, the same thing happened, and 20 GB dele…

11 December 2018


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