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I bought new pair shoes in New Balance; it was excellent, and I was satisfied with the price. Unfortunately, my shoe just ripped up without any harm. It was so not exceptional, and they did not even accept my shoes. What happened was so unexpected because a brand like N…

06 October 2018

I bought a shoe from New Balance's original store, and the shoe was ripped off with only four months. Even though I just used for indoor fitness. I directly went to the store that I purchased, and they directed me to the customer service. When I complained and reported …

26 September 2018

I do not think that New Balance shoes are made for sports such as tennis nor do they have the durability to be used for sports purposes. New Balance is the only shoe brand that has wide feet options for shoes. My daughter had to use New Balance shoes because they can su…

14 August 2018

I am a fan of New Balance products for years. However, the only issue with the brand is their exchange process. I do not like the New Balance return system at all, and I think that it should change. I have purc…

14 August 2018

I bought a t-shirt at the New Balance store, there was a signature of New Balance in front of the t-shirt. I did the first washing by turning it over, and the writing was a bit erased, I did the second washing by turning it again, the writing of the printing erased more…

12 August 2018


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