06 October 2018 #1011521

New Balance Poor Quality

I bought new pair shoes in New Balance; it was excellent, and I was satisfied with the price. Unfortunately, my shoe just ripped up without any harm. It was so not exceptional, and they did not even accept my shoes. What happened was so unexpected because a brand like New Balance, this should not be acceptable.

I sadly know the brand only in Turkey, not in the USA or anywhere, The affecting their national firm so bad. Please help me with my problems and also help for the brand because when the costumes are unsatisfied, they will never recommend your brand to anyone.

I really hope they will help me, and fix my problem otherwise, they will never get a satisfied costume, and their sales are going to decrease that's for sure. Also, I heard from lots of friends that they are having the same problem and the bran did not return or helping.

Oğuzhan A. Oğuzhan A. 2.169 Views

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