14 August 2018 #1008095

The return system at New Balance needs to change

I am a fan of New Balance products for years. However, the only issue with the brand is their exchange process.

I do not like the New Balance return system at all, and I think that it should change. I have purchased more than one pair of shoes that have been satisfied by using.

However, lately, it has been such a fiasco. If you received the wrong pair of shoes, you would have to wait until it is returned to purchase the new one. So if you do want a pair of shoes immediately, you would be out of money twice if you needed to reorder at the soonest.

I talked with the customer service that I need a new pair of shoes, but they told me that they could not process my request until they receive it.
I do not want to pay twice to get shoes immediately. There is no way than waiting for the return process done.

A little problematic on New Balance's end.

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