12 August 2018 #1011435

New Balance T-Shirt Gone In Three Wash

I bought a t-shirt at the New Balance store, there was a signature of New Balance in front of the t-shirt.

I did the first washing by turning it over, and the writing was a bit erased, I did the second washing by turning it again, the writing of the printing erased more. I did the third wash. So in three washes, it all gone. By the way, it washed at 30 degrees.

I sent the t-shirt to store, and they said that they are going to the sent it to the company to investigate. After the tests, their answer is; it does not originate from a manufacturing fault.

Now I ask you why it does happen? Should not this product be washed? Where did the problem originate if it did not originate from you? Where is my fault?

I am wrong to buy from the firm that uninterested in their customer's satisfaction. I am never going to buy something from New Balance ever again or never get closer. I do not recommend to anyone.

Şükran K. Şükran K. 2.242 Views

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