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2017 model Nissan the Qashqai car that I bought in February 2018 gives a continuous system error. We live in Erzurum, and the authorized service does not know what to do. I do not know what to do. I am really d…

06 December 2018

On June 2018, nearly about five months ago, I bought a 2012 model Nissan Qashqai CVT. This week the car stopped on the road. So, I called the service to avoid any risk. He said the problem of the car was chronically CVT gearbox, which is a chronic one, and appeared on m…

19 November 2018

My Micra which I bought in 2012 has started to rust from the roof. The car didn't have any damage to the ceiling. I know that the car has a 12 years warranty against corrosion. We checked twice to make sure before blaming reporting anyone, but they guaranteed that the c…

16 October 2018

On April 27th I took my car (2015 Nissan Pathfinder) to a Nissan dealer for a regular maintenance check-up. They kept the car for around 6 hours. Then they called me, and they told me that the car is ready. I came to pick the car up. I noticed that the rear bumper was h…

14 August 2018


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