24 August 2018 #1008550

Pet Supplies Plus Time Limit And My Dog's Health

Horrific experience today with the self-serve dog wash of Pet Supplies Plus. Harley is a seven-year-old Golden Retriever that I've had since a puppy. Recently he had an allergic reaction to an unknown substance that resulted in the very dry, itchy skin. The vet prescribed shampoo that needs to be left on 10-15 minutes before the wash.

I told my fiance that I had found a self-serve dog wash near to my house so we could skip her having to bath him at home this week. I have never been to a Pet Supplies Plus.

We arrived shortly after opening because I thought they might be busy on a Sunday. I went to the cashier and paid. She said there was one empty and go on back. The one that was supposed to be empty was not, and so we waited 10 minutes, no big deal. We got him wet and lathered up with the first shampoo, waited 12 minutes and got him rinsed. My fiance forgot the other shampoo but found it in the store and purchased it.

I got him lathered up with that one and went to rinse off my hands, and there was no water. I thought there was something wrong with the selector switch. I spent a few minutes messing with it and was just about to go get some help when a gentleman walked in and said I was over my time limit so They shut the water off. He said They would turn it back on for a few minutes if I hurried and finished! I told the shampoo has to stay on a little more time.

He went to get the manager. She proceeded to tell me that if I wanted to finish, I had to pay again because I was already over my time. I said I did not know there was a time limit. The woman did not tell me when I paid, there was not a sign at the register, there is not a sign in the washroom, and it's not on the receipt.

She then gave me the most outrageous, most asinine response I have ever heard in my 50 years. She said "well, the people that come here know that there is a 30-minute time limit! " when I picked my jaw up off the floor; I said I have never been here before and am not psychic. She said "I understand and am sorry you were not told but you have inconvenienced others waiting and you have to pay again. "

I have no problems following rules and am a bit of a stickler for them. If there are no signs anyplace and someone does not tell you about a rule, how are you supposed to know? I did my part and got there early. I made a good faith transaction in exchange for a service. I was not told of restrictions nor were there any signs.

They cut the water off first! Then came and told me why. I am beyond frustrated, disappointed with this entire situation.

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