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In Turkey, I give the card information for taking the premium upgrade that it is only 0.99 Turkish Liras for three months but I face a problem as called ''Payment was failed. Please try another payment method,'' but we don't have any other way to pay. Yesterday, I tried…

24 November 2018

I have been using Spotify for premium for a long time. After seeing the family membership and the discount my sister and I decided to change our account membership to a family membership. So, we changed our account to family membership from my sister's account. Later, w…

09 November 2018

I hear the Spotify from lots of people, and I checked out the app, it was effortless and a perfect app for all of the music lovers out there, and I thought it would be great to have that app. When I checked the app, It was showing that the Premium one was 13,99 try on D…

06 October 2018

When I downloaded the Spotify, it said you have to pay to listen premium. So I tried to add my card information. Payment day was on the 4th of the month, but there was no money in my card. So they did not withdraw any money from my card and the payment failed. Yesterday…

28 September 2018

We had a family plan for about three years from Spotify. I was paying it regularly with automatic payment from my credit card. So, for three years I did not experience any problem with Spotify until now. I rece…

17 August 2018


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