17 August 2018 #1006575

Spotify Payment Problem, and Intolerance of Customer Service

We had a family plan for about three years from Spotify. I was paying it regularly with automatic payment from my credit card. So, for three years I did not experience any problem with Spotify until now.

I received an e-mail on March 8th saying that the payment couldn't receive. I tried to pay for it, but it did not work again. Later, I tried to make payment from different bank cards, credit cards and virtual cards, including gift cards. However, nothing worked for the payment method. So I contacted customer service, and I reported my complaint via e-mail through Spotify's website.

First customer service adviced me to check card information. Then I tried it again, and nothing changed. I wrote again; They said that the system could lock because of too many failed attempt. They advised me to wait 1 or 2 days. Also, they advised me to call my bank and request assistance. I have called all the banks, although they all say that there is no obstacle in the bank that is a problem originating from Spotify.

However, Spotify customer service does not accept; They insist that the problem is in the banks. They are not helping or suggesting another solution. My family and I tried listening to advertisements.

Doğan A. Doğan A. 6.080 Views

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