28 September 2018 #1005618

Spotify Payment Failed

When I downloaded the Spotify, it said you have to pay to listen premium. So I tried to add my card information. Payment day was on the 4th of the month, but there was no money in my card. So they did not withdraw any money from my card and the payment failed.

Yesterday I deposited money to my card to be a premium user, and they still did not withdraw money from me even though I requested again, I have tried to pay again, but they are not accepting or refreshing the page so I cannot pay and be a premium member.

Can a customer of Spotify help me with my account information because I have the money and I want to pay, but no one wants to get more members I think? Anyway, I want to pay, and if someone can help me I will be appreciated.

Şevval T. Şevval T. 3.969 Views

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