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Jakob-Stämpflistrasse 94 CH
Switzerland - 2500

I have visited Swatch shop today. I wanted to try one watch model and requested from your employee to adjust the watch band according to my wrist; however, she informed me that she could adjust only if I buy. I said that it is a simple request and I can not understand w…

03 February 2019

I bought a watch from Swatch store on October 20, 2018; I went to the store to check that I can refund it on October 23, 2018. The staff in the store said they could not make the return and they just said they could change the only products of their store and watches. I…

26 October 2018

I bought a Swatch watch two days ago and never used. When I opened the box, I saw that the battery finished and watch is not working. Also, when I looked at home, I wanted to change and buy another model which is more expensive. So I went to the store that I bought. I r…

23 August 2018

I bought the Swatch watch with the code YCG412G from Swatch store on 27.05.2018 by paying around 100 dollars. Not long after that, the clock crashed on the watch's straps and began to make disturbing noises. I sent the guarantee, and they said they it needs to change, s…

16 August 2018


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