26 November 2018 #1011647

Stay Away From Diy Transport, Worst Ever

Warning, stay away from Diy Transport. They do not have any insurance coverage. I filed a claim for my classic 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix which was damaged by the carrier diamond auto transport.

I was told by Nathan at Diy Transport that the carrier was "fully vetted for compliance in reliability and coverage" Also that my car would be transported on a truck that has a "one level deck." The truck was not a "one level deck" and now turns out to not be insured either! The foolish negligent driver put another classic 1963 Bonneville A 55-year-old car at a 45-degree angle right over my Grand Prix.

The result was old gas pouring all over my GP ruining the perfect paint. I followed all of the directions given to me by Diy to file a claim and complaints. Diy customer service did not return my phone calls or emails. This is now going to cost me thousands of dollars to repaint my car.

Jon F. Jon F. 2.781 Views

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