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Last night I called the call center of the THY and said I wanted to buy tickets using my miles. They asked me for my membership number, and I said I was abroad for a long time and didn't remember. This was conf…

06 January 2019

Turkish airlines cargo is not taking care of their animal cargo. My puppy was sent to me from Trabzon via Istanbul to Bodrum. As I've left home to go to the airport to pick up the puppy only then, I get a call from thy saying the puppy is in their Istanbul offices becau…

13 December 2018

I made a trip from Turkey to Belarus, rainy weather, they carry their baggage before boarding the plane I saw the open-top car. When I landed, I was soaked with all the clothes in my luggage, and the lock was broken. I complained about it, but THY, "You should have cont…

04 December 2018

I bought a ticket from Isparta to Istanbul, I made my online check-in and boarding pass, even though the boarding time was 15:30, I was there at 15:35, they said the gate is closed, and the captain completed boarding. I did not understand how is it possible to check all…

24 November 2018


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