04 December 2018 #1011675

Turkish Airlines Baggage Damage

I made a trip from Turkey to Belarus, rainy weather, they carry their baggage before boarding the plane I saw the open-top car. When I landed, I was soaked with all the clothes in my luggage, and the lock was broken. I complained about it, but THY, "You should have contacted the airport the same day, " he says.

That day I could not find time, I would apply already. Besides, I can see how the inside of my baggage gets wet before I open it. If You can't apply later, You have a tab like creating online requests.

We knew thy the good airline, but what You did was immutable. And shamelessly, You say, "You were going to apply at the airport that day," like a joke. Wherever possible, I will raise my complaint.

Baran U. Baran U. 4.345 Views

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