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I bought a t-shirt from the Tommy Hilfiger outlet t-shirt. However, after I try the t-shirt at home, I noticed it has a visible ripped on one shoulder.So I decided to return it and went to Tommy Hilfiger store.…

18 September 2018

Tommy Hilfiger has the worst change policy, and I have a complaint about a Tommy Hilfiger. I bought shoes from Tommy Hilfiger store, and I had a gift card for it so I can change it later without any obstacle. I…

27 August 2018

I have been a customer of Tommy Hilfiger almost from nearly for twenty years. I bought my everything head to toe. I am finding Tommy Hilfiger high quality and very comfortable. I've stayed in the United States and the United Kingdom for some time, and I also bought most…

23 August 2018

I am working in the office, and I need a big bag to carry my files and laptop at the same time. So I decided to buy something with good quality because I will use it every day at work. So my husband and I went …

20 August 2018

Three months ago, I bought a laptop case of Tommy Hilfiger, and all binding started to peel off. I was a shame to use it as it looks so worn. I returned it with my complainant to a retailer who sells, and they …

16 August 2018


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