20 January 2019 #1011785

Toyota Engine Problem

My 2012 Toyota Auris 1.4 comfort extra vehicle, had an engine block on 12/18/2018. In some vehicles of Toyota, intercooler parts have been changed due to manufacturing error and recall. Unfortunately, I learned later that this piece could damage the engine components over time.

After this incident, the Toyota brand lost its credibility for me. I've feel like that I need to write this case so nobody else can have the same experience. This part of your car can be problematic, and you can request a free replacement from the service. Toyota car maintenance service does not help with the pretext of not done.

At 80 km speed, the car increased more than a speed of 140 km and stopped suddenly in the middle of the road, and I could not intervene in this car because the car massacred. After pushing the car to the right, the oil was empty, and no warning lights turned on. Thank God nothing serious has done so that I could do in a fatal accident. I used it on my home and business route on the motorway, and if it were on the motorway, the probability of an accident was very high.

This neglect of the change of this piece of everything really should be another way of saying money. I want to get in touch with the turbo or the engine if there are any problems in this way or if they cannot get the result.

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