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On 11/24/2018, I canceled a vacuum cleaner order that I received with order number 441704 from shopandmiles.com which is formed by Turkish Airlines. However, months have passed, but my money is not refunded. The call center says that the product is stopped selling by th…

07 February 2019

On November 25th I had a flight from New York to Dusseldorf to Istanbul. I checked in 3 pieces of baggage. Turkish Airlines was the carrier from Dusseldorf to Istanbul as you can see on the pictures. My luggage…

02 February 2019

On September 22, 2018, I noticed that I had chosen the wrong date for my ticket: vcgmwr and I wanted to correct it, but customer service was not enough and not helped at all! I called customer service repeatedl…

16 January 2019

I received 12 flights from Thy on the date of 12/06/2018 with the TLERY8 code. However, due to flight time changes, my flight was taken to 21:00 on the same day. The change mail was sent to me, and I did not gi…

29 December 2018

With Turkish Airlines company, we never want to fly anymore because there's no more trust. Some mistakes were made two times in a row. They had me financial loss and were not paid for me back. Also, they did no…

23 December 2018

We went to 28th of October to İzmir-İstanbul-Rome flight via Turkish airlines. The Turkish Airlines lost my baggage firstly and they sent me totally wrong one. In the end they finally find the right one but my makeup bag and hair ironings are stolen. They asked for rece…

15 December 2018

I am pregnant, and we will not be able to fly at the time I bought my parents and my husband's tickets from Turkish airlines. When I inquired about this, there was no help via phone, and they directed me to the…

13 December 2018

I am planning to go to Beijing to attend the conference. When I search on the Turkish Airlines website I noticed that about thy ticket prices as follows; 1- Istanbul-Beijing direct flight total 932 usd 2- for s…

19 November 2018

I have always been preferring Turkish Airlines for my flights because I always impressed by their flight quality and customer service. However this time they disappointed me. Turkish Airlines lost my baggage and did not put that much of attention. The customer service i…

15 November 2018

According to Turkish Airlines flight rules, boarding gates close no later than 20 minutes before departure time. I have arrived at the boarding gate 22 minutes before the departure. Moreover, the shuttle bus wa…

11 November 2018


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