11 November 2018 #1011613

Arrived Gate On Time, But I Paid Penalty To Turkish Airlines

According to Turkish Airlines flight rules, boarding gates close no later than 20 minutes before departure time. I have arrived at the boarding gate 22 minutes before the departure. Moreover, the shuttle bus was in front of the gate. However, They did not let us because the shuttle is already full. As a result, I have been charged nearly $250 penalty in total for missing a flight.

Several times, I have requested Turkish Airlines to check records of the surveillance cameras to determine our arrival time at the boarding gate. They replied that they have no responsibilities on camera records. I just want to know if we really were late for boarding. They replied you were late; I am sure I was not.

Thy representative is our witness who promised us that he is moving us to the late night flight but we lost track with him. I have then seen other passengers who were in the same situation as me, and their flights changed for free. It was only me who had to pay this silly amount because I am their elite customer

Ozgur E. Ozgur E. 3.944 Views

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