29 December 2018 #1011681

Turkish Airlines Approved My Flight Change Without My Permission

I received 12 flights from Thy on the date of 12/06/2018 with the TLERY8 code. However, due to flight time changes, my flight was taken to 21:00 on the same day. The change mail was sent to me, and I did not give my consent because I wanted to make this change from the sales office at the airport.

However, when I called the customer service to tell that, I do not approve the change, this time does not comply with me, and I want to go at a different time, 12/04/2018 Antalya-Ataturk flight ticket to check in online to check in at the same time also includes the approval of the time change said. I would like to ask Turkish Airlines customer service;

1) How do I know your system?
2) I applied the procedure in the online check-in mail sent to me, but I did not consciously approve the flight change. Why can't I be helped when I explain the situation 15 minutes after I approve it?
3) Why is the most reliable company like Turk Airlines approaching solution-oriented when making changes in online check-in other companies (pegasus etc.)?
4) When my program ends at 20:00 and buys the ticket accordingly, how am I to reach 21:00 because of the change you made and why am I the victim because of your change?

If there is no solution, I will never choose you again, and I will share this situation with my friends in this translation.

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