02 February 2019 #1011807

Turkish Airlines Broken Luggage Issues

On November 25th I had a flight from New York to Dusseldorf to Istanbul. I checked in 3 pieces of baggage. Turkish Airlines was the carrier from Dusseldorf to Istanbul as you can see on the pictures.

My luggage was broken and wet when I picked up from the luggage claim. I filled a complaint immediately. A friend who works for THY told me THY staff broke luggage in purpose because they are underpaid and thy management knows all about this. There are so many incidents.

I warn everybody who plans to fly with Turkish Airlines; your luggage is not safe with them. THY doesn’t care and does not take any action. I still wait to get reimbursement. It has been three months already.

Nate G. Nate G. 10.169 Views

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