13 December 2018 #1011708

Turkish Airlines Doesn't Care About Your Pregnancy Or Complaint

I am pregnant, and we will not be able to fly at the time I bought my parents and my husband's tickets from Turkish airlines.

When I inquired about this, there was no help via phone, and they directed me to the online complaint which resulted in thy writing a highly generic and noninformative email about how my ticket does not cover these changes. There are much cheaper airlines in Turkey which were immensely helpful as they indicated that provided I give my doctor's report about my pregnancy issues, I could get my money back.

If anyone out there trusts thy as it is more expensive and has expensive ads, ı would highly recommend you think twice as they do not even care about pregnancy and force people to fly regardless! Such hypocrites considering they are supposed to value family!

Müjde B. Müjde B. 3.815 Views

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