23 December 2018 #1011723

Turkish Airlines Horrible Customer Satisfaction

With Turkish Airlines company, we never want to fly anymore because there's no more trust. Some mistakes were made two times in a row. They had me financial loss and were not paid for me back. Also, they did not concern. We saw that there is no customer satisfaction as described.

The first problem is, while Germany / Berlin flight, they opened my luggage by the employees and they took out the HDD which is harddisk without any permission. The reason why they took the harddisk is they thought it is a power bank which is a ridiculous thing is not understood. We talked to the Germans, and they accepted the mistake they say we will pay only the price of the hard disk. Well in the data? Given moral damage? But no one still helped. I want to solve them without filing a lawsuit, but they want to get involved.

The second problem was yesterday we were expecting to board in the plane which had a flight to London with Turkish Airlines flight from Ataturk airport, and they made the cancellation started to put everyone down and put them on hold in an area. Anyway, after the hours of waiting with 300 passengers, they sent us to a different airport. They said they need to cancel and they can make the flight tomorrow. We found the place on last min plane and this time we went to London we also encountered the problem had luggage not arrived with us and lost.

Its big mistakes for two days and now we don't have our belongings at all. We will never choose Turkish Airlines again.

Murat O. Murat O. 4.632 Views

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