19 November 2018 #1011627

Why Does THY Sell Expensive Tickets to Its Citizen

I am planning to go to Beijing to attend the conference. When I search on the Turkish Airlines website I noticed that about thy ticket prices as follows;

1- Istanbul-Beijing direct flight total 932 usd

2- for same dates, the flight from Moscow to Pekin flight over Istanbul total 479 usd

3- for same dates, from Berlin to Pekin flight over Istanbul total 617 usd

Moreover, this is not only for Beijing, but I have also checked other foreign cities, all the same, if you buy a ticket from Istanbul always pay at least 300-500 USD more. To buy tickets at the same price as foreigners, we have to go to a foreign city and fly from there.

There is no explanation for this. It's named "Turkish Airlines," they don't like Turkish. My advice to Turkish Airlines, please change or remove the word "Turkish," because you don't like Turkish citizens.

Murat C. Murat C. 4.462 Views

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