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Ataturk Airport, Yesilkoy

According to Turkish Airlines flight rules, boarding gates close no later than 20 minutes before departure time. My wife and I have arrived at the boarding gate 22 minutes before the departure. Moreover, the sh…

26 September 2018

I am a victim of Turkish Airlines. I had a flight on a national holiday, and it cost me a lot. I am complaining to Turkish Airlines. I had flight tickets for five people. Our flight was on August 14,2018 and at…

17 September 2018

I was flying from Ankara to Milan on November 23rd for a week. I was always being impressed by the Turkish Airlines and its customer care until now. My baggage damaged and they did not take serious responsibility for it. When we arrived at the airport, my baggage was da…

15 September 2018

I purchased a ticket for Samsun from Turkish Airlines. My flight number was TK7238, and I was a passenger on the Sabiha Gökçen-Samsun flight on August 20, 2018, with the Anadolu Jet flight. Air conditioners are…

05 September 2018

My friends and I have planned a trip for the United States, New York and reserved four tickets for July. Later, one of our friends could not be able to make us so we want to cancel one of our reservations. So, …

17 August 2018

A long time ago my partner and I made a reservation for our dog to fly from Istanbul to Italy with us. We made sure that he was officially "approved" for the flight, before paying for ours, as it is an essentia…

16 August 2018

A Star Alliance Member Turkish Airlines, we have been a nightmare last two days. We as a family have checked in to go to Copenhagen from Istanbul 2 days ago. We passed the all security gate and started to wait …

05 August 2018

Sarah D.'s 'Thank You' Message

They finally did the first thing they should have done after all the hassle! They could have done that at the first place. But thanks anyways :)
27 July 2018


'Thank You' Message

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