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It’s been 16 days, and I still haven't been refunded for the duplicate charge. I have numerous receipts and bank statements regarding the matter proving. They have been kept telling me that they will send me the verification to refund. I should have been having it 14 da…

16 October

I use Uber a lot, and I was pleased with the staff until I experienced my last trip with the Uber. Uber Turkey drivers start to turn into classic Turkish drivers who are bad we use Uber because not to ride with…

07 October

I usually use Uber a lot but this time was not like the old times. They charged a higher amount than the recipe. Drivers don't know how to use Gps in front of them and asking me how to go. Even though I had to write the address even before calling the Uber; they are sti…

01 October

I have been using the Uber for all my transportations. Until this time I have driven with only gentle drivers. Yesterday's driver whose name is Enver at 7:34 PM; was so bad. I called him to ask about the situat…

18 August

On April 7th, I called Uber from application and selected bank payment. While I was waiting for the taxi, I noticed the driver had started the journey, but there was no taxi around! Immediately I called the driver, but the telephone number was out of service! But I did …

16 August


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